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Sephora Lets You Try Virtual Makeup At Home With Its Latest App Update

The makeup retailer introduced a “Sephora Virtual Assistant” in an update to its iOS app. The feature, which was developed in partnership with AR company ModiFace, scans your face, figures out where your lips and eyes are, and lets you try on different looks.

Right now, you can only play with lip colors, eye shadow, and false lash styles. If you like the look, you can simply buy it using the App as well. Convenient!

The app also offers “virtual tutorials” that shows you how to contour, apply highlighter, and create winged eyeliner. It overlays the tutorial on your face.

The tutorials, are really cool. You are able to see where are you suppose to apply highlighter on your own face rather than to guess after watching a YouTube video.

Generally, it is obvious that a lot of companies see beauty products as a lucrative area for tech development. It’s a smart move for Sephora to work on a proprietary product.


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