Tebaloi: Sarawak’s Legacy Snack

For those who might not know what Tebaloi is, it is one of Sarawak’s traditional specialty snack.

It is made of sago flour, coconut, eggs, and sugar. It also comes in a thin slice rectangular shape.


Apart from that, they also come in a few different flavours; original, pandan, strawberry, and chocolate.

Given its distinctive starchy yet sweet taste, they are perfect for you to enjoy with your morning or afternoon tea, or even for your midnight snack!

This particular snack goes way back and has been a delicacy since the early descendants of the Melanau race in Sarawak.


Although many have continued to sell this snack commercially, it is no longer made using traditional methods nor it’s original recipe.

In Kampung Tutus Hilir, Mukah, Syamsiah Zaffarin, 31, is the third generation who still continues to make and sell the snacks traditionally.


Syamsiah took over the family business from her grandmother who has been making Tebaloi at home until the factory opened in the 1970s.

According to her, she is not trying to deny  modern technology by producing the snacks manually till this day, but it is rather the fact that customers prefer the smoky taste from burnt wood rather than the steel taste of the modern oven.

She and her family will continue to use the traditional technique such as roasting and burning Tebaloi to maintain a taste demanded by customers.

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