This Robocop Named Anbot Will Safe You From The Criminals

The RoboCop movie is clearly turning into a reality when “Police” Anbot named the the new millennium is presently utilized for watching in China.

Police robot is able to recognize the criminals, find the location of fire and even able to indicate the direction of the road.

These robots do not feel tired or need to rest but can patrol endlessly whenever necessary.

Science Times reported, Anbot could also act as a ‘sheriff’ loaded with facial recognition software that can help track criminals wanted by the police.


It can also help those who are lost and need directions to a specific location other than the road can identify anxiety-related fires, as well as to monitor the air quality and temperature.

This 1.6 meter tall robots is moving using the camera and the voice commands given.

It is currently  at the East Railway Station Zhengzhou, Henan, to test its effectiveness to help the civilians.

This robot is believed to be developed to identify dangerous situations in addition to the anti-riot software to control people who are aggressive.

Source: Harian Metro

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