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NASA: New Starliner Spacesuits

NASA has stepped up their game – creating a new and ambitious spacesuit replacing the old one which had previously gained plenty of attention from the world.

At it’s unveiling ceremony, Boeing said that the suit is “A spacesuit to protect the next generation of astronauts as they launch towards the International Space Station, and eventually more exotic destinations like an asteroid or even Mars”

The most important aspect of the suit is, it is a much simpler, lighter and comfortable suit and apparatus for the wearer. Previously space shuttle suits weighed about 15 kilograms, now, Boeing’s new suit weighs at only 5.4 kilograms.



The suit is also much cooler than the usual spacesuits. Below the shoulder material, for example, is a mesh that allows passive airflow to the suit. It is very comfortable. The suit also features a helmet that comes on and off with a large zipper, and smaller and less bulky gloves that are made with material that allows them to interact with touchscreens. Astronauts will also have shoes akin to cross trainers.

helmet-nasaBehind this newly designed suit is former astronaut Chris Ferguson, who is now the director of Boeing’s Starliner Crew and Mission Systems program, and their lead designer Shane Jacobs.



The new spacesuits was rumoured to be a resemblance to the ones worn in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey. See the uncanny resemblance in the picture below of the spacesuit used in the movie.

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Source: NASA
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