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Will Your Period Be Affected By Your Daily Workout Routine?

Exercise, workouts, and sports are the things you do in order to put your life in a more healthy state. It can be considered as a must in your daily regime.

However, basics aside, this routine may also come back to bite you if you overdo it.

If this happens , you suffer from a syndrome brought on by taking healthy habits to the extreme.

The condition includes inadequate calorie consumption, shrinking bone mineral density, and three or more missed periods in a row

This has sadly been the number one ‘sickness’ suffered by the new generation of fitness-minded females.


When you suffer from this, it automatically affects your period cycle. Why? Because when you don’t have enough energy for your workouts, it triggers a domino effect in the brain that halts menstruation and puts you at risk of osteoporosis, which can also lead to bone fractures.

Experiencing extreme fatigue, a fuzzy mind, and losing strength or momentum to your usual daily workouts are the easiest ways to detect if your period is being affected or not.

If these symptoms persist, see your doctor to clarify the problem so that you can prevent unwanted illnesses that may come your way.

Sumber: Womenshealthmag

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