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This Could Be The Most Expensive Tuna Ever Sold Last Year

Unless a new bigger and better quality tuna might come swim by in the nearest time, this Pacific bluefin tuna that was sold for ¥74.2mil (RM2.9mil) at the New Year’s auction at Tokyo’s famed fish market, is the most expensive fish ever sold and bought by the owner of Sushi-Zanmai.doc6t3036a4rx118ypmrbi3-e1483682107406

Kiyoshi Kimura, the president of Kiyomura Corp, which owns the Sushi-Zanmai chain, has always been the number one winning bidder for the past six straight years.

At the New Year auction in 2013, Kimura also bought the same species of tuna with a record of ¥155.4 million.

The Pacific bluefin tuna that weighed 212kg, might be sold approximately for RM13, 700 a kilo. This is also considered more expensive than the one that was sold for ¥14 mil for a 200kg tuna, last year.

With that being said, it is not such a surprise for the proud owner of the fish to sell a single piece of that luscious fatty tuna with a whooping price of ¥9,900 (RM381) which is basically 25 times more expensive than the usual price that he offers a piece at his 51 stores across Japan.

After winning the bid, Kimura decided to pose with his ‘nobel-prize’ winning fish (also recognized as the king of sushi), that was caught off the coast of northern Japan, with a sword-like knife.


This news successfully made to most of Japan’s major networks, informing the audience who were anticipating of what his next move with the fish, cut up and distributed among his restaurants.

Source: Japan Times

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